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Month: November 2019

Shatter is a form of cannabis concentration, the purest form. Nickname cannabis extracts have earned from its popularity, diversification and prevalence. The term is related to butane hash oil (BHO) and is used to describe other hydrocarbon extracts. Exclusive extracts shatter concentrates the chemical compounds such as CBD and THC from plants. One can also liberate terpenes, omega acid, Phyto proteins and fats. This is achieved from different steps and processes. There are many different types of process which can be solvent-based or solvent less. You can buy shatter or can make it on your own. But remember that the shatter is illegal and banned in Canada. It is legal to use it personally but if you are buying it then be careful otherwise you can end up in trouble.

What is shatter?

Shatter is a form of dabs; a term used for marijuana concentrates which are produced by extraction of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, psychoactive chemicals of plants. Other popular forms are budder, wax – like creamer substance and oils, honey like golden in color. Other well – known types include hand harsh, nederharsh and charas. They all are the result of using different types of extraction processes. Carbondioxide (CO2), pure hydrocarbons, propane, steam, alcohol, and cold pressing are some of the techniques used. You can buy exclusive extracts shatter or make it at home if you have techniques and machines.

buying it then be careful otherwise you can end up in trouble.

 How is shatter made

  • BHO (butane hash oil): – butane and flowers are used in this method. Butane is used to strip cannabinoids. Then the butane is purged and evaporated.
  • Old school hash: – The common method for preparation of old school hash is dry shifting. In this method, dry cannabis flowers are rubbed on the screen so as to separate trichomes. Then these trichomes are made into a mould, heated and then pressed as blocks.
  • Ice hash: – you can make incredible potent hash by using water and bubble bags and a micron screen. You can make it at home and no need to buy exclusive extracts shatter online.

How to consume

To use a shatter it must be first heated and then smoked. Joint and burnt are inexpensive ways to consume shatter. If you want to smoke then you can do it through the hash pipe. The best way of using a shatter is by using it with dabbing rig and other pipes that are used for consuming concentrates.