May 26, 2024

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Top 5 Affordable Choices For MIG Welding Machines

Mig Welder

MIG welding is one of the most common processes suitable for beginners. And purchasing a MIG melder is not going to be easy, especially if this is your first time buying one. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, even from the online market. It is crucial that you choose the right machine for you and you know what factors to consider when buying one.

  • Heat or Amperage. This factor will depend on the type of welding work that you need. If you are working with thin metals, then you will need a light-duty welder. But for thick metals, heavy-duty guns are the most recommended.
  • Gas Types. A MIG welder can do either work with argon, carbon dioxide, or a mix of both. Argon is highly-recommended for non-ferrous metals. Carbon dioxide on the other hand is the perfect alternative to the argon mix.
  • If you are working in an industrial setting, you need a multi-power welder or one with 230 volts. For home use, the most ideal is the MIG welder with 115 volts or 120 volts.
  • Another essential factor would be the wire installed that will feed through the MIG gun into the weld pool. Wire sizes vary, but most of the time. But you should opt for thicker wires.
  • Spool Gun. Also, your MIG welder should have the right spool gun, especially when welding aluminum. This is optional but most essential to consider for these tasks.

Top 3 MIG Welder Choices

 Mig Welder

There are different MIG welders that you can purchase that are under 1000. But of course, you need to compare the best options out there to ensure that you are buying the best out of the best. So here are your top 5 mig welder under 1000:

  • Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V. This is a powerful MIG welder that can handle different thicknesses. It is suitable for home use and does quite an excellent job at welding. It is also portable and easy to use.
  • Hobart 190 With Spool Runner 100. This is another powerful unit to consider. It is adjustable and easy to set up, perfect for beginners. It is also very low maintenance and comes with several accessories.
  • Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder. This MIG welder is compact and very easy to use. Known for its excellent results, this powerful welder works on thicker wires.
  • Lincoln Electric PRO-MIG 180 Welder. This is the perfect choice if you do not want to work with a gas cylinder. This is one of the best options for home use.
  • Lincoln Electric CO K2697-1 Easy MIG 140. This MIG welder features both the gas cylinder and the flux core, making it easy for you to switch whenever you need to. It is easy to control and reasonably economical.

Choosing a MIG welder for the first time is not going to be easy. And for your first MIG welder, you should purchase an affordable option. But of course, you also need to consider the factors mentioned above while choosing between the three options provided.