July 14, 2024

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What’s AI & analytics platform?

Artificial intelligence or AI & analytics platform has means to derive huge value from huge amount of information that enterprises are generating. Artificial Intelligence and ai data analytics tool generally aim to make their enterprises highly efficient, effective as well as productive whereas eliminating need for the manual data processing just by presenting the most valuable business insights that is available & relatable to the critical goals of an organization.

The top artificial intelligence & analytics tool leverages ML algorithms in the big data platforms for transforming the big data & big content in the self-service visualizations for the users over the organization to improve automation maximize revenue and operational efficiencies. The advantage of the sentiment analysis solution and its use by the business owners also help them to get a benefit over the competitors.

Certain terms like ‘text identification’ and ‘opinion mining’ describe real meaning of the sentiment analysis as the most appropriate method that is used by the marketers to recognize the customers’ preferences. Data collected from the customers’ responses such as comments, tweets, feedback or any writing, which is related to the products and services are studied & process is known as sentiment analysis.

Delivering Business Insights

In today’s internet age, the data gets generated at the rates much faster than we can possibly hope in keeping up with it manually –reported over 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. Without the augmented analytics, we cannot hope to make most of the data, and valuable ones will go ignored & wasted.

Artificial Intelligence has this capacity to analyze huge amounts of data efficiently and quickly, drawing out various patterns, trends as well as anomalies that will likely stay undiscovered otherwise. Thus, working from such insights, we can gain the better understanding about various operations of the businesses & devise much better systems and practices.