May 26, 2024

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A few things to know about Dean Kinslow

Dean Kinslow

Over the last few years, there has been one crisis after another. Furthermore, if the US construction industry cannot find a solution to the skilled worker shortage, the country may not have enough homes or other required infrastructure. Dean Kinslow, co-owner and business development manager of the Indianapolis-based employment agency Cruitfly, believes that boosting the workforce for construction companies is the only way for America to “Build Back Better.”

Dean Kinslow

More to know

Over the next three years, the construction industry is expected to create 2.2 million jobs. Contractors that are experiencing difficulty filling openings are becoming increasingly concerned about the growing need for trained workers. Contractors, like the most defenceless firms in a crisis, have made an effort to remedy the problem. They’ve put money into it. Over the previous year, the average wage increase for skilled and general labourers in the construction industry was 6%. It is the fastest-growing salary rise in the country. Some people, however, do not feel that simply increasing wealth would fix the problem. A more effective method that gives solutions is required. Kinslow says that general construction is still lacking even though remuneration in some parts of the industry has increased. They chose to apply their skills to a more specialised area within the construction industry and hire capable and dependable staff in order to show contractors that there is adequate quality available if you know what to look for. Their goal is to provide contractors with access to a workforce capable of improved performance.