May 26, 2024

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All AboutHandyman Jobs In Orange, Ct You Need To Know

A handyman has the ability to fix a great range of common and even not-so-common household problems. Handymen get their name as they’re pretty good doing several things, and hence literally “handy” to have around.They perform either as a contract worker or even a member of the maintenance department.

Types of Handyman services:

Handyman jobs in Orange, CT include providing repair guidance, fixing plumbing systems, performing repair assessments, painting projects, power washing, doing deck work, fixing electrical systems, tile installing, and cleaning and remodelling community spaces. All in all, a handyman is a jack of all trades!

Handyman job description:

Generally, a handyman works on the project, for each client. But some of them may be paid staffers for maintenance of apartment complexes, companies, and also building management companies.

The role in handyman jobs basically includes:

  • Analyzing the project at hand
  • Recommending approaches
  • Evaluating the expense for materials and labour
  • Securing said materials
  • Doing the work
  • And finally cleaning up any kind of messes

They actually set their own hours and provide their own tools. But handymen who are available outside of traditional business hours are actually in greater demand than those who don’t.

Education requirements:

Well, there isn’t generally an education requirement besides a high school diploma required for handyman jobs. However, a vast and appropriate knowledge base is key to performing the work efficiently and safely. There are various qualifications one can gain to prepare better. For example courses in plumbing, carpentry, welding, health and safety, HVAC or landscaping and irrigation, plastering, vocational training in construction, electrician, and general maintenance all can be useful.

If any handymen want to serve an independent contractor role, then education or training in the field of business management or marketing can prove to be an asset as well.


You will find that several handymen are usually self-employed, while others perform through repair service companies and construction companies as well. A few may find work for property management companies, home warranty companies, or even government or community entities. For others, the work is just a side or “gig” job, though, for some, it’s full-time work.