May 26, 2024

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Can Non-Lactating Women Have Lactation Tea Singapore?

What is tea? If this question is asked to you what response will you produce? You will probably say that tea is a hot beverage, which is prepared from tea leaves. But as a piece of information to share with you, there are now forms of teas different from each other. It is also served cold with additional ingredients in it. Which makes it more delicious and versatile.

Hence, today in this article we will see whether non-lactating women can have lactation tea. Or will it have any effects on them? Let’s get to the topic and understand it.

Is lactation milk different from traditional tea?

Traditional tea is prepared from the tea leaves grown at different places. Tea leaves are sold either in the dried leaves form directly or in the powdered form. The tea which is grown traditionally becomes the base for other types of tea. To enhance the flavor additional herbs are added to it and are sold under a different name.

The same is the case with lactation tea. Milk production boosting herbs are added to the tea to make it healthy and delicious. Brands can then change the contents and mixture of herbs to make different combinations. Because different people love different flavors.

A non-lactating woman can also try out the lactation tea Singapore, as it will not have many side effects because they are made from natural herbs as chemical compounds may be harmful to the woman.