July 14, 2024

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Core trade training course Singapore: Everything you should know

Core Trade System

Core Trade or Construction Registration of Tradesmen is a registration scheme for trained and experienced construction employees in the several core constructions trades operated by the building and construction authority.

What is the functionality of this course?

This program was created to help the construction industry develop a core group of skilled and experienced workers in essential building trades who will anchor and lead the workforce, improving quality and productivity. Core Trade provides a framework for retaining the best and most experienced employees by establishing a clear career path and recognizing them appropriately.

Core Trade System

It will enable a person to go from an essential skilled worker to a registered Core Trade tradesman specialized in specific trades, then to a registered Core Trade foreman, and finally to a Core Trade Supervisor. Developing a core group of construction employees will support the industry’s role in defining our built environment, assisting Singapore’s economic growth, and improving our people’s quality of life.

Who is eligible to register for the Core Trade System?

Both native Singaporeans and foreign workers with relevant years of experience working in the construction business in Singapore are eligible for the Core Trade scheme. Core Trade provides a framework for retaining better and more experienced individuals by giving a clear career growth path and recognition.

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