May 26, 2024

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Every detail of CoolVu window film

CoolVu window film

In a universe full of tinting and window solutions the theory of solar window film conveys several terms relying on its factors. From restricting the UV rays and heat of the sun to decreasing energy prices and glare CoolVu window film provides value in several ways.

Nevertheless, one transpiring and ideal solution that constitutes the upcoming generation of such windows is CoolVu window film. As the name inferred CoolVu adapted from a translucent to an unlighted shaded state when revealed to the UV radiation of the sun. By adversely adjusting to the mass of sunlight passing via glass doors and windows, this window film offers intensive levels of controlling the sun, only when you require it.

How does this work?

CoolVu window film

This film window utilizes the intellectual property procedure to make a steady photochromic retort that offers crystalline glasses whenever required and glass that is tinted whenever needed. At the core, these transitions are synthetically rejoinders that are prompted by the revelation of the UV rays of the sun. As CoolVu stays unbothered by intramural lighting, it will only be activated when concealed by organic sunlight.

Nonetheless, it remains limpid on rainy or cloudy days, letting for utmost organic light below overcast conditions of weather. At night this is completely intangible, carrying on the typical aspect of the glass doors and windows while allowing unhampered sights to the outer side of the world.

Advantages of CoolVu window film

  • It works as a protection for your windows and doors.
  • It blocks around ninety-nine percent radiation of the UV rays.
  • It can reduce the heat which helps in enduring savings of energy.
  • It restricts around eighty percent of the heat radiation.
  • It works as a sunscreen for your glass doors and windows.

These are the top-most benefits of using CoolVu window film.


Nowadays several offices and modern-day homes are using this window film. This is the reason why the demand for CoolVu window film is growing at a great level. This article contains information about such window films and I hope it helped you with what you were looking for.