April 20, 2024

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How to Check the Quality of a Fabric

Simply touching it is the simplest test. A high-quality T-shirt will never feel plastic or bulky. If the cloth feels soft but hard at the same time, it is likely to be of high quality. However, ‘softness’ is readily manipulated, which is why you must pay attention to the following details in buy custom shirts hong kong:

  • Check the fabric density by holding the garment up to a light source and seeing how translucent it becomes. The less thick the cloth, the more transparent it is.
  • Crumple a section of the cloth in your palm, and then release it. If it has a lot of creases, it is definitely low quality. If it doesn’t have any wrinkles at all, it is probably synthetic. This can be done when you buy in store you also have option to buy custom shirts hong kong online

  • In addition, the length of the fibre may generally be used to identify the fabric’s quality. The longer the fibre, the higher the quality is said to be. Simply said, longer fibres make the material simpler to spin into a finer yarn. Because of this, it may be linked together, making it more durable and softer.
  • There are a lot of cheats out there since softness is another attribute that is generally linked with high-quality T-shirts. T-shirts are frequently treated with a chemical typically starch that makes the cloth soft to the touch but is not permanent. This is why many street and souvenir T-shirts begin to feel ‘rough’ after just a few washes.