July 14, 2024

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How to start your Share sale program?

How to start your Share sale program?

For starting this, you can follow the given things in this article and you can click shareasale课程 to know more.

  • Self service

Use Share Sale to launch your affiliate marketing campaign right away. Starting a firm, being an entrepreneur, or running a small company has a low barrier to entry with our solution.

  • Enterprise

For a genuinely unique affiliate programme, make use of our sophisticated attribution solutions and commission flexibility. Any collaboration requirement or online retail scenario can be resolved by our white-label technology.

  • Agency runs

To effectively expand your marketing efforts through an affiliate programme, collaborate with your agency partner. Our network collaborates with a wide range of organisations that support and propel merchant firms to success.


  • an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Discover real-time notifications and programme information that can help you optimise your affiliate partnerships in our dynamic dashboard. Innovative solutions like application rules and automated marketing emails are made to save you time and improve contact with your affiliate partners.

  • Strong reporting that is transparent

With our selection of detailed and adaptable reports, you can keep a close eye on the progress of your programme. To better evaluate affiliate performance in relation to other clicks that take place during a single transaction, you can schedule reports to run on recurrent timeframes or explore our new click stream visualisations.

  • Establish tracking

For smartphones, apps, and the web, Share Sale provides basic and advanced tracking options. For your company, our connection with the Awin Master Tag delivers a reliable, long-lasting solution.

  • Create a programme

Create a creative stockpile, seek out affiliates, and make use of our tools to improve your network visibility.