May 26, 2024

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One Call For All Your Handyman Services!

A home improvement company based in Newport News, Virginia and serving Hampton Roads, the Eastern Shore and Tidewater Virginia. We are a company that provides high quality, professional home improvement services for your home. If you are in need of a home improvement project or repair, we offer a wide range of services.

As a small business, we keep our overhead low and pass our savings on to our customers. We can give you the convenience of dealing with a single company, while providing high quality service at very fair prices. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing that we will handle your project from start to finish. From no-nonsense design and construction work, to complete home repair and installation, we have it all. We can also assist in home design and remodeling, and are ready to take your dream home to the next level.

Find out why so many of our customers have returned to us for years, and why we have received several awards for our work. Give us a call to discuss the projects that are important to you, and for assistance with your home improvement project.

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Affordable & Reliable Home Improvement

Our services have been so popular, that we are now branching out and offering our services beyond the traditional house repair and home improvement. We are now available for all of your handyman service needs, as well. From plumbing to painting, we can take on any project you may have.

Our pricing is very affordable and fair, and our customers appreciate that. With us, there is never a catch, and we don’t try to up-sell you on products that we don’t use or need. We are a company that does what we say we are going to do, local handyman services in Hermosa Beach  and we will deliver on our promises. We are also available for emergency repairs, such as your hot water heater breaking or leaking water pipes. If you have a home improvement project you need to take care of, we can help!

If you are looking to make a home improvement project, we can help. Our services include interior design and planning, kitchen and bath remodeling, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and tiling. We can also assist with the design and planning of your home, and any home remodeling. We will work with you to create a home you love. Call us today for more information about our services.