April 20, 2024

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Post Tenancy cleaning service- everything you need to know

Get Professional Cleaning Service In Singapore

Post of tenancy cleaning service, move-in or moving in, housekeeping packages are quite comprehensive & vary from one service provider to the other. These bundles ideally address cleaning needs again for the entire home and may be hired by tenant vacating or the homeowner looking to rent a property again at the earliest. The cleaning packages which are given just at end of a tenancy, the cleaning requirements of the entire home, could be hired by the tenant who’s really relocating out from the property or by the homeowner who is looking to rent a property again as quickly as possible with post tenancy cleaning service.

Quick service

Wiping down and washing light fittings, switchgear, drape rod as well as other fixtures, ceiling fans, and the facades of plane units, ventilation systems, electric chimneys, as well as other household appliances are the duties of the service team.  They can clean the constructed cupboards, cabinets, drawers, and modular kitchen spaces.

Shine the floor

Floors are typically maintained via brushing, cleaning, scrubbing, or vacuum. Both in the kitchen and the bathrooms, extra care has been taken to provide the worktops, floor, tiles, and sinks the attention they deserve. The toilets are cleaned and sanitized, with the bowls getting carefully cleaned from within, as well as any suspicious sediments being eliminated from other fixtures!

Carpets are often cleansed with steam cleaning or dry cleaning, usually with the help of carpet cleaners, for that you are likely to receive a separate receipt. That technique ensures that almost all signs of dirt and grime are eliminated from the carpets entirely.