May 26, 2024

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g-shock 6900

Swiss watches are beautiful, but if you’re one of those who often claim to be ‘indestructible’, the G-Shock could be your watch, because it comes with a ‘Triple-10’ warranty, as well as some other cool features in CASIO Authorized Flagship Store. You can get one with a 10-year battery life, a 100-meter water resistance rating or a 10-foot drop resistance rating. You can pay a few bucks extra and get a 200-meter water resistance rating.

Some armed forces around the world adopted the g-shock 6900 not just for its durability but also for its multitude of features. This watch not only earned praise for its ruggedness and durability, but also for its ability to tell the time to a fraction of a second. While in the military, I got one about 7 years ago with a rubber strap and casing that made the watch a great companion for hiking and missions under adverse conditions.


This one still works well after all these years while my Armani has fallen apart twice. I liked it because I had a digital compass and altimeter. This timepiece comes with an altimeter, compass, bluetooth connection, and a world timer that is accurate to 1-2 seconds a month, so you’re clearly getting more than what you asked for.

Of course they display their expensive watches when they want, but they don’t get shy about showing their affection for this one either. It’s clear that this watch is doing something right. Those are facts you are certain to learn from the G-Shock. Their collection is vast and their features are accurate. A single button provides you with all the information you need, whether you’re traveling across the globe or switching time zones, or scaling a mountain.