July 14, 2024

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Vintage cars: the advantages of owning one

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The benefits of owning a classic car with all the requirements in place are many. First of all the payment is a much lower sum for both the car ownership tax and the insurance. Secondly, then, the road tax does not always have to be paid, but only when driving with the vintage car we are talking about used cars in chandler.

If you own a historic car, you don’t have to worry about fastening your seat belt. You have a moral obligation, but not a legal one, in case there are no attacks in the original construction of the car. Another thing that differs from driving a historic car compared to normal cars is the obligation to drive with the sidelights on outside built-up areas: if you are an owner of a historic car you can refrain from doing so.

And if your classic car is over forty years old, you can consider it a historic car, with all the related advantages.

What does the legislation for the insurance of a vintage car provide?

used cars in chandler

Now let’s talk about classic car insurance: a decoy for many who believe they are saving money without realizing that owning a classic car is a responsibility , as well as a pleasure. Maintenance, legal obligations, registration fees, in short: it is not the walk that everyone expects.

When we talk about car insurance over twenty years old, in Italy we are talking about both classic and historic car insurance. The latter, at this moment, do not interest us however. What we need to focus on is understanding what we need to take out the cheapest classic car insurance for our car, right?

Once we have established ownership of a classic car that is at least twenty years old, we can proceed with classic car insurance. Take into account, when calculating the years of your classic car, that what interests us is the year of construction and not of registration . After this, another requirement to obtain insurance for your classic car is that the car has been canceled by the PRA (therefore no longer suitable for road circulation except for demonstrations, events and rallies for this specific class. of cars only on established routes and an authorization is absolutely necessary). Finally, your car must be registered in one of the historical registers, such as ASI.

For historic car insurance there are excellent tax breaks , if all the documents are in order. The premium of classic car insurance is lower than that of normal cars and the merit class absolutely out of the logic of bonuses and malus of normal insurance allows you to sleep peacefully in this regard, it is in fact a class of merit.