June 16, 2024

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What does quality assurance entail

During the testing process, most test-takers get confused between Perform Quality Assurance and Perform Quality Control, which is two separate processes.Although they are quite different, it is natural for us to make this error due to the subtle differences between them.People who do not work in this field often can’t comprehend how both processes work and what the fundamental difference is between them.There are quite a few questions in the InfoSMART certification exam that are based on these two processes, so we might find it helpful if we had a strong understanding of these two processes.

This process involves executing a series of steps and it is generally concerned with improving the overall process to ensure that all deliverables produced are error-free.A quality improvement of processes and activities will result in enhanced product quality and a corresponding reduction of costs.Throughout the life cycle of a project, quality assurance management is conducted very early on.In addition, this process is only performed after Plan Quality has been completed because it uses some of the output of Plan Quality.


It is an important tool in this process to conduct a quality audit.In quality audits, we learn what activities in a project are working well, what needs improvement, and which do not meet the quality standards.Besides improving the overall cost of quality, quality audits seek to enhance acceptance of the product.During the executing process, the quality assurance department carries out regular audits to see if there are any indicators that the standards, policies, plans, or procedures aren’t being followed or the procedures aren’t delivering the anticipated results.